Would You Spend More Money To Have More Time When Traveling?

Traveling; something almost every person in the world wants to do or does do. Planning a vacation or any other kind of travel arrangement comes with many decisions and almost every one of them comes back to how much does it cost. Things like, where to stay, what to eat, what to see, what to do, where to go and even some strange questions like, do I pay to use a public restroom, will cross your mind when planning. Every one of these questions most people answer by first deciding if they want to do it, then second asking how much will it cost and does it fit in our budget.

Generally, a smaller budget means you have less time to see and do the things you want because you are usually on a shorter vacation. You don’t have a month to travel around one small European country. You probably have only a week and usually at least 2 of those are travel days and if you go anywhere else during the trip, it’s even more travel time on a train or bus.

I bring this all up because even on a small budget you can maximize your time at each stop of your trip. From booking flights to traveling by train you can make sure you are in the seated and upright position as little as possible. Yes, it does cost more to take a faster train or a train that makes less stops and a flight with a shorter flight plan, but just how much more does it cost? In researching flights and travel plans for years now I know that it is well worth the money to save the time. Don’t just look at the price of train or plane ticket. Look also at how long it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be. For example it may be cheaper to fly round trip to and from the same place, but only by a couple hundred dollars at most. If you choose the cheaper round trip flight, you then have to get on a train or bus to get to or from the destination you aren’t at yet, this can cost still less than if you took the plane straight there, but by only a few dollars at the end of the day. And here’s the kicker, you just got off your 20 hour flight to Rome and now you have to hop on your 8 hour train ride to Venice, when for just $50 you could already be where you want to be relaxing and getting ready to start your vacation.

Travel can be very tiring, and it’s really not much more expensive to take a shorter flight or faster train. The time you gain makes for a more relaxed and enjoyable vacation for barely more than you would have spent originally. The money you spend on the attractions and site-seeing will be much better spent when you can take your time and explore thoroughly each of them fully, not rushed and exhausted.